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“The essential element in nurturing our creativity lies in nurturing ourselves. Through self-nurturance we nurture our inner connection to the Great Creator. Through this connection our creativity will unfold.”


 Life is a physical experience, and movement is an integral part to function mentally, physically, creatively and spiritually. 

Nothing works in isolation, and it is all interconnected.

Movement is not just about keeping bones and muscles healthy, but it will help move toxins out of the body and influence gut microbiome. We can reduce inflammation, diffuse the symptoms of stress and improve insulin sensitivity.

There is value in building your own collection of core, mobility and strength exercises to compliment your personal pursuits whether you are digging and growing or sat at a desk for a number of hours per day.

Learn how to use small equipment and various techniques to  release, balance and strengthen muscle to expand your awareness of preventing joint issues, back problems and shoulder pain.

I have experienced  through the years how various modes of movement have supported me. I’ve studied various methods including group exercise, strength training, Pilates, stability and core, biomechanics, yoga, mental health and exercise, pre and post natal exercise and movement programming and wellness for midlife women and beyond.  

I weave my own research into sessions from the leaders in natural health.

Honouring the vessel we are given for this personal journey will support us in having the experiences we want, finding and giving our gifts to humanity.  


Women’s Wellness Gatherings

Midlife women and beyond movement and lifestyle coaching, held in various locations indoors and outdoors when weather permits. 

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