Functional Mobility

A session to mobilse and correct muscular imbalances to help prevent injury,ease aches, and find deep release.

I have found lasting benefit in mobility exercises that nourish fascia, release tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles and correct postural alignment to aid moving more freely.This session aims to bring focus to approaches that prevent common issues and promote healthy ageing – supporting you in all the activities you love.

It’s true to life that we sometimes have injuries and ailments and it can often take a long time to recover. We may also love a particular sport or activity – or even  be a professional desk sitter. These activities all might cause muscular imbalances, so it is invaluable to learn how to rebalance around your daily routine.

Generally, mobility work is hugely overlooked but it is a wonderful movement method. Small equipment makes the exercises enjoyable:  balls, sticks, foam shapes, bands, loops, rollers and more, can be accessed realistically at home for a daily practice.

This class is about empowering you to take control of your movement health, teaching a huge range of inspiring exercises for you to explore, and finding the ones that work for you.

Wellness topics are infused into the session to gain a clearer understanding of how movement affects us holistically.

Up and coming Functional Mobility Sessions: