Gather in Nature

Benefits of being in nature


Explore small equipment

Exploring deep mobility work that will compliment all of your physical persuits, prevent injury an find a knowledge base of exercises that compiment your needs.

Gatherings created for your needs

Bringing more light to subjects relevant to women. I welcome your  queries so I can answer them within the session content.


Women's Wellness Gatherings

Women have a wealth of wisdom to offer, particularly from around midlife and beyond.

Whether a woman has chosen to have children or not, as we move away from the procreation phase, emphasis should steer to that of self-nurturing, a phase sometimes referred to as that of the forest dweller.  

What do these sessions cover?

Topics covered concern women’s health and wellbeing, including ageing well, peri-post menopause, bone health, insulin resistance, hormones, prevention of common issues and finding our Why? for setting a new purposeful outlook.

Signs of ageing can rear their head from the 40s but the right exercise, support for detoxification, food, sleep and wellbeing practices will support ageing well. The human body is built fit for purpose, and we are capable of living way beyond 100 years.  

Muscle plays a huge part in the physical experience and after the age of 30 we will start to lose about 5 pounds of muscle every decade, unless we take steps to preserve muscle mass. Improving our mobility and posture is a great foundation to incorporate building muscular strength. A key area for this work is healthy mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells.

Finding exercises that compliment your limitations is important, and this is where using small equipment is useful. Learning how to use various balls and rollers for myofascial release, bands and tubing for strength and muscular balance along with other various helpful foam shapes can make this work enjoyable. 

These gatherings will help you find methods that work for your individual needs. 

Various wellness topics and themes will be weaved into each session.

Your queries are welcomed so sessions can be designed around them. 

It is time the story midlife+ women have been told is rewritten.